Finally Setting Up My Blog

I setup my blog today, yay! I figured now would be a good time because I’ve begun my “1 Book, 1 Game, 2 Movies” initiative which was spurred by this reddit post. The idea is simple, set a goal to read 1 book, complete 1 game, and watch 2 movies by the end of the month.

1 Book, 1 Game, 2 Movies for July

Book: The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner
Game: Persona 5
Movie: Paterson (2016)
Movie: Little Men (2016)

Game Dev

I spent a week at my friend Jim’s house recently working on our game Praetorian. The goal was to see how much we could get done in ~7 days of focused effort. Later in the project, Denny joined our project as an artist and really helped make it look sharp. I’m proud of what we managed to get done and can’t wait to start working on the next thing.


My psoriasis has gotten especially bad. I’m itching all over and my skin burns like I have a sunburn constantly. It’s really starting to affect my mood, I’m expecting to receive Humera soon, oh my god I hope it works quickly.

My Brother’s New Computer

My sister Jen and her boyfriend Paul have decided to put together some money and get my brother George a new computer. It’s a pretty powerful machine especially for the money with a last gen I7, and a GTX 970. Gaming is a big part of my brother’s life and he’s been going through some hard times lately so this should really brighten his spirits.

Family Cloud Drive

My wife and I decided to setup a cloud drive to store all of our digital belongings rather than trying to maintain an external hard drive myself. After doing some research I went with Sync mainly because of their privacy agreements but also because they’re priced reasonably.


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