Got My Book

I received July’s book – The Practicing Mind – in the mail today, pretty excited to start reading it! It’s much more thin than I expected so I’m hoping to get a jump start on August’s book ahead of time.

Work Was Rough!

I work remotely once a week. It’s a nice benefit, and I tend to get Friday as my day which is nice because Friday is usually a pretty slow day for work. Today, however, was definitely an exception. One of our clients started sending us bad data today in our interface with them. The folks who originally designed the interface set it up in such a way that we would keep trying to download the same “Jobs” over and over again, even if they failed before. A few hundred jobs failing like this over and over and we quickly went over a billion records inserted today. I’m still working with the customer to diagnose the root cause but the worst of the stress is over because I’ve temporarily shut down this interface.

Steam Summer Sale

I often can’t help myself when the Steam Summer Sale comes around, so I picked up a few games even though I’ve already got quite a backlog to catch up on. The list started at over $100 and included more than ten games. Reviewing the list I saw a few games on there that I’m interested in playing someday but wasn’t upset by putting off. That, and I carved out a few games that were over the 20 hour mark on HowLongToBeat. This allowed me to get below $60 for some games I’m really excited to play.

The List:

  • Shadowrun Returns Deluxe
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Axiom Verge
  • The Talos Principle
  • Soma
  • Shadow of Mordor (GotY)
  • Furi
  • Hollow Knight

I’m considering dropping Persona 5 as my game for July. It’s great, but honestly… it’s a 90 hour game. I’m *maybe* 45 hours in. I could finish 3 of the games on this list or more in that time.

Visit with the Neurologist

Back in April I woke up with one side of my face drooping and some numbness in my right arm. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out. So I went to the hospital and after a couple of days, learned that it was either a stroke or a migraine.

Well this week I had my follow-up appointment and was pleasantly surprised when the Neurologist seemed quite confident that it was my migraines (since I have a family, and personal history of migraines and there was no other evidence of stroke). This really made my day and even makes the Psoriasis flare-up I’m dealing with seem not-so-bad.

Game Dev Jam This Weekend

My friends and I are participating in a game-jam this weekend. Check out our github! I’m really excited, but a bit disappointed I’m not going to get to spend theĀ entire weekend helping out. Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be joining my family taking a train ride and it’s going to eat up a big part of the day (8 hours or so). But I’ll jump right in as best as I can as soon as it’s done.

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