Hot Hot Summer

Second Place Aint Bad!

My friends and I participated in Game Jam Pittsburgh this week. We built the main structure of the game last weekend and then spent the week polishing it up. I expect you’ll be able to see the game we made on my friend’s site in the not to distant future. We managed to take second place which I’m really proud of. We really worked our butts off and I’m super-pumped to get to work on our next game. Congrats to the other teams that participated as well, you all did great!

Air Conditioner Broke

So… my air conditioner broke at my house. Fortunately we were able to borrow a few good fans from my buddy Jim, but because of it being 4th of July weekend, we will be unable to get someone to our place to install a new one until Wednesday. The house is sweltering and I can tell it’s taking a toll on my family’s mood. Here’s to hoping Wednesday is at late as it takes to get this thing fixed!

The Itching Continues

My psoriasis is still awful. My upper arms are covered, my stomach has huge patches and my legs look beat up to hell. I’m constantly bleeding and aching. I really hope this is the week I get my humera shots.

Fringe Worlds Campaign

I’ve had two sessions now of my Fringe Worlds campaign. I’m using Fate Core┬áto run the campaign, I absolutely love how fast and story driven this system is. It’s by far my favorite ruleset out there today. If you’re interested in reading the rules check out the Fate SRD.

The Practicing Mind – Update

I’m a little over halfway through The Practicing Mind. The beginning part of the book felt pretty unrelated. The author spent a *lot* of time talking about his own experiences and where he’s coming from. While I appreciate the context I think about half as many pages could have been spent talking about his own personal history. The rest of the book has been interesting though and I look forward to trying to put some of his recommendations into practice and see how they work. I expect once I do finish it, I’ll be moving on to reading Furiously Happy – a book that my wife has recommended to me over and over again. I feel like it’d be really rude of me to pick up yet another book without at least giving it a try!

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